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 Hey how is everyone doing on this Friday evening? We have made it through yet another work week. The month of October is just about over! Can you believe how fast this month flew by?? Insane right?! Anywho as promised I have my review of Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll!!! Also I will post a video of a random YouTuber that I recommend. The video may be about anything from hair, makeup, fashion, or just something I found interesting and wanted to share with you guys :0) So make sure you check back every week to see who will be featured! Who knows it just may be you!!! ;0) Now for the review!

                                                                                                                                                                                              This product does exactly what it says. It’s a setting foam with a convenient pump that helps for even product distribution. I know some of you out there get quite heavy handed! The smell is similar to the rest of the line, a lemony fresh scent. The smell doesn’t linger. For my flexi rod set (see image below) it provided a soft flexible hold. I’m on day 3 of my flexi rod and it’s holding up nicely. I definitely recommend this product for roller sets. As for wash and gos (wngs) the results weren’t as great. This product can be found at www.curlmart.com or directly from her website (see link below). All in all–JC Wrap n Roll gets my LeopardKiss stamp of approval!


                                       Here is the link to the website:


Ok onto the YouTuber of the week: BeautifulBrwnBabyDol http://www.youtube.com/user/BeautifulBrwnBabyDol (Channel Link)

This lovely natural has everything from hair to weight loss. Check her out! Ok that about does it for today. As always thanks for stopping by!

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So Not the Usual

You’re probably wondering what exactly does she mean by ‘so not the usual’. Read on and I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I mean!

                             (Left to Right; Lady Gaga,Rihanna,Ke$ha, Nikki Minaj)

Ok, ok, ok LOL I know what you’re probably thinking what the hell! Why does she have these women pictured? The ladies that you see above have one thing (well probably others) in common, they’re so not the usual! Let me further explain….I’m not advising you to go and dress like a crazed maniac, but rather take the same approach with life. Don’t be afraid to live outside of the box. Take chances and have fun! I tell myself all the time IT’S OK TO BE DIFFERENT! How boring would th world be if we all dressed and acted the same??? Ummm snore city!!!! Add a little spice to your life and see how much better you feel! Weather it’s a new bold lipstick or nail color…and even take it a step further and try a new  hair do! I know it may sound cliche but it definitely applies here. Live life with no regrets, TAKE CHANCES! Learn a new hobby, who knows you may discover a hidden talent. When I started LEOPARDKISSEZ it was my way of doing the not so usual and I’m so glad I did. So go ahead and be DIFFERENT— I dare ya!

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Fabulosity on a budget $$$

Ok yes I did make up a word but you get the picture LOL Let’s face it we all want to look our best but putting down a house payment to have the hottest bag is definitely not an option!

I’m here to spread the news, there is a solution for all of you fashionistas!!! I myself LOVE to shop and I love putting together different outifts. What I don’t like is having my cell phone shut off because I just HAD to have those new boots. Growing up if your family shopped at thrift stores or second hand shops you were considered poor. That is so not true! The best AUTHENTIC pieces of jewlery and even furniture can be found at thrift stores! Thrifting has become the new craze! YouTubers all over the country are vlogging about steals from their neighborhood thrift stores.  Some of the most popular NAME BRAND DESIGNERS can be found in thrift shops! Check it out for yourself!

I personally love it! In fact all the trends you see today were probably in style a few years back! If you dont know by now fashion ALWAYS repeats itself. Just don’t over do it! I don’t want my readers to end up on Hoarders!!!

Pace yourself!!! Look for special discount days, they may have women’s day, student discount, or specialty sales (coats, bedding,jewlery,etc.) A traditional yet classic black blazer can turn into instant glam with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a bold pair of pumps or flats! It’s not how much you paid for it but how you wear it! As always thanks for stopping by!

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Q & A Monday

Happy Monday!!! This thing called blogging is coming right along! I welcome all new visitors, don’t forget to subscribe. I will be updating daily (schedule permitting) with new info! I think setting aside a specific day for Q & A will be fitting for those of you who value my opinion! I’m flattered that you have decided to come to me!!! So let’s get started!

Q.How does one discover their curl pattern? I’ve tried natural but it was a half-hearted effort and I gave into the hair crack. I haven’t had a relaxer since June and I want to try different things with my hair. However, my time to experiment with styles and products is limited and, knowing the natural products can be a bit pricey, my budget isn’t too flexible to purchase a variety of test products. I see a lady wear natural styles every Wednesday and I just want to ask , how did you get your hair like that. As I’ve heard, that may not be the proper way to ask. How would you approach someone in my situation? I really want to be natural and let it all hang out but I need help and encouragement. Spread the word share the beauty. My stylist is 1300 miles away and these one around here aren’t use to the hair that I know. What is the Natural process and how does one begin??

A. Let me start of by saying welcome! And I’m thrilled you’ve decided to embrace your beautiful nature texture!!!! Go you!! LOL Ok let’s get down to business…..in order to discover your natural curl pattern it will take time as you TRANSITION from your relaxer. It will take time if you do not BIG CHOP or BC. Learning how to manage the two different textures of your hair will not be an easy feat but it doesn’t have to drain your pockets either! Being natural should be a fun and liberating experience, not an expensive one! There are tons of DIY reciepes available through the wonderful world of World Wide Web. You can start by looking in your very own cupards! Egg, mayo, yogurt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)…just to name a few! Protective styles will be your best friend as you grow out those relaxed ends. Your true curl pattern will not come through until you are 100% natural my dear 🙂 If your schedule permits cruise on through YouTube there are tons of transitioners that can help you through your journey. If you are unfamiliar with the natural-lingo (lol yes we have our own language lol) protective styles include braidouts, twistouts, braids, twists, etc. You can still be flyy while stretching your relaxer honey! Finding out your regimen is going to take time as you learn your hair. Relaxed hair and natural hair are DIFFERENT no if’s and’s or but’s about it! So one product that might work for your hair has you transition may not work once you have grown out ALL of the relaxer. Check out health food stores….get yourself the basics. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE!!!!

Keeping those lovely strands of yours hydrated will be your best friend!!! So my friends grap the shea butter, coconut oil, and some evoo and enjoy this journey!!!


All names will be kept confidential. Q & A will be held every Monday. I’m looking forward to reading your questions!

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Day in the Life of a Natural

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!!! I know I did….lots of Halloween fun filled activities!!!! Yes I am a kid at heart LOL Anywho it’s a new work week time to get down to business. The cooler months are upon us so that means protective styling–we at least for some of us! How are you wearing your hair this fall/winter? Wigs? Twist? Braids? Straightened? I would love to hear some of your ideas for preserving moisture and keeping those ends protected! I’m thinking of doing roller sets and wearing  mooch (yes I named my hair lol, don’t judge me) stretched. Ok I’m getting off topic LOL You’re probably wondering why would she post about the day in the life of a natural. My fellow natural brothas and sistahs may understand why………

The natural community may consider natural hair a ‘fad’. However, one must observe closer. Natural hair goes deeper than wearing your precious locs in an afro or banging twist out. It’s about accepting how God made you. The media has brainwashed us to believe that in order to be considered beautiful women must have lighter skin and long flowing hair. This is not true, beauty comes in all shapes and colors. Black is beautiful wether you have carmel or mocha skin.

?????????????So why is that when I come across another sistah they ask if I’m mixed???????????

As if it’s uncommon for a African American woman to have a curl pattern. This may not seem that big of a deal to you. It drives me insane!!!

I try to educate women that I meet that everyone has a curl patter. It may not be the same as mine, but trust me it’s definitely there! Everyone has a hair journey (I’ll share mine with you in a future post). It takes a everyone a different amount of time to discover what works for them. Patience is key….learn to embrace your individuality because no one natural is the same. We are all here to help each other–this should be a rewarding process!!! There is no such thing as ‘good hair’, if its healthy it’s good PERIOD!!! We are not defined by our hair or skin tone. Till next time….

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India.Arie-I Am Not My Hair



Will we ever be satisfied??!!??

Hey hey! This is my first OFFICIAL product review!!!! I will be discussing not only As I Am Naturally DoubleButter Creme but a question popular amongst the natural hair community. “Will we ever be satisfied?” So what exactly is As I Am Naturally? I discovered this product through www.curlynikki.com . This product is available at www.curlmart.com and www.asiamnaturally.com

This stuff is the truth!!! The ingredients are PHENOMENAL . I used this as a sealant/moisturizer 3 days ago. Yes ladies and gents THREE DAYS AGO and my hair is still soft! I’m telling you check out her site, you wont be sorry! I’m putting my leopardkiss stamp of approval on this product! There are others that I loved but I’ll just be reviewing this one today. Follow this line on Facebook and/or Twitter. She announced that October 31, 2011 she will no longer be providing the sample pack which I purchased. I believe I just paid shipping. You definitely can’t go wrong with this deal. This brings me back to my question. Will we as naturals ever be satisfied? I have found myself looking for the next best thing when I have tons of products that work just fine for me. I guess I’m looking for that WOW factor in my products. Well folks I have definitely found what I was looking for in this product!!!! Yay!!! Thanks for stopping by–don’t forget to subscribe! Muah, T

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In the beginning there was hair…

In the beginning there was hair, well at least for some of us LOL This is my first OFFICIAL post! yay me 🙂 Therefore I need to give you a run down of what to expect, right? First things first the name, leopardkissez. Where did it come from? Umm…i have no clue! I love animal print for starters, the kissez part just seemed cute. The ‘z’ because ‘s’ was already taken…so i guess there is another leopardkisses out there *shrugs* What can you expect from this blog…..hair, hair, and more hair! Ill go deeper into that in the next few post. Fashion, I would like to think I have a lets say interesting approach on what’s “in style”. Lastly, Life duh! This blog thing is VERY new to me. If you have any suggestions please comment. My plan is to entertain, educate, and explore. This will be fun….I promise!