In the beginning there was hair…

In the beginning there was hair, well at least for some of us LOL This is my first OFFICIAL post! yay me 🙂 Therefore I need to give you a run down of what to expect, right? First things first the name, leopardkissez. Where did it come from? Umm…i have no clue! I love animal print for starters, the kissez part just seemed cute. The ‘z’ because ‘s’ was already taken…so i guess there is another leopardkisses out there *shrugs* What can you expect from this blog…, hair, and more hair! Ill go deeper into that in the next few post. Fashion, I would like to think I have a lets say interesting approach on what’s “in style”. Lastly, Life duh! This blog thing is VERY new to me. If you have any suggestions please comment. My plan is to entertain, educate, and explore. This will be fun….I promise!




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