Will we ever be satisfied??!!??

Hey hey! This is my first OFFICIAL product review!!!! I will be discussing not only As I Am Naturally DoubleButter Creme but a question popular amongst the natural hair community. “Will we ever be satisfied?” So what exactly is As I Am Naturally? I discovered this product through www.curlynikki.com . This product is available at www.curlmart.com and www.asiamnaturally.com

This stuff is the truth!!! The ingredients are PHENOMENAL . I used this as a sealant/moisturizer 3 days ago. Yes ladies and gents THREE DAYS AGO and my hair is still soft! I’m telling you check out her site, you wont be sorry! I’m putting my leopardkiss stamp of approval on this product! There are others that I loved but I’ll just be reviewing this one today. Follow this line on Facebook and/or Twitter. She announced that October 31, 2011 she will no longer be providing the sample pack which I purchased. I believe I just paid shipping. You definitely can’t go wrong with this deal. This brings me back to my question. Will we as naturals ever be satisfied? I have found myself looking for the next best thing when I have tons of products that work just fine for me. I guess I’m looking for that WOW factor in my products. Well folks I have definitely found what I was looking for in this product!!!! Yay!!! Thanks for stopping by–don’t forget to subscribe! Muah, T


2 thoughts on “Will we ever be satisfied??!!??

  1. The question, “will we ever be satisfied?” is a good one and I think it’s that feeling that there is something better out there is what causes many people to fall prey to pjism. I started growing my fro a few years ago and I know that I have spent way too much money on searching for the “right product”. But then again, I think I may have found it! lol

    • with so many small businesses launching their product line the excitement to try something new can be so overpowering but fun! (at the expensive of our wallets of course lol) Thanks for stopping by!

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