Day in the Life of a Natural

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!!! I know I did….lots of Halloween fun filled activities!!!! Yes I am a kid at heart LOL Anywho it’s a new work week time to get down to business. The cooler months are upon us so that means protective styling–we at least for some of us! How are you wearing your hair this fall/winter? Wigs? Twist? Braids? Straightened? I would love to hear some of your ideas for preserving moisture and keeping those ends protected! I’m thinking of doing roller sets and wearing  mooch (yes I named my hair lol, don’t judge me) stretched. Ok I’m getting off topic LOL You’re probably wondering why would she post about the day in the life of a natural. My fellow natural brothas and sistahs may understand why………

The natural community may consider natural hair a ‘fad’. However, one must observe closer. Natural hair goes deeper than wearing your precious locs in an afro or banging twist out. It’s about accepting how God made you. The media has brainwashed us to believe that in order to be considered beautiful women must have lighter skin and long flowing hair. This is not true, beauty comes in all shapes and colors. Black is beautiful wether you have carmel or mocha skin.

?????????????So why is that when I come across another sistah they ask if I’m mixed???????????

As if it’s uncommon for a African American woman to have a curl pattern. This may not seem that big of a deal to you. It drives me insane!!!

I try to educate women that I meet that everyone has a curl patter. It may not be the same as mine, but trust me it’s definitely there! Everyone has a hair journey (I’ll share mine with you in a future post). It takes a everyone a different amount of time to discover what works for them. Patience is key….learn to embrace your individuality because no one natural is the same. We are all here to help each other–this should be a rewarding process!!! There is no such thing as ‘good hair’, if its healthy it’s good PERIOD!!! We are not defined by our hair or skin tone. Till next time….

Muah, T

India.Arie-I Am Not My Hair




5 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Natural

  1. How does one discover their curl pattern? I’ve tried natural but it was a half-hearted effort and I gave into the hair crack. I haven’t had a relaxer since June and I want to try different things with my hair. However, my time to experiment with styles and products is limited and, knowing the natural products can be a bit pricey, my budget isn’t too flexible to purchase a variety of test products. I see a lady wear natural styles every Wednesday and I just want to ask , how did you get your hair like that. As I’ve heard, that may not be the proper way to ask. How would you approach someone in my situation? I really want to be natural and let it all hang out but I need help and encouragement. Spread the word share the beauty. My stylist is 1300 miles away and these one around here aren’t use to the hair that I know. What is the Natural process and how does one begin??

    • There’s only ONE WAY to discover your natural curl pattern. You have to stop perming it & let it grow. Only then will you discover what your hair REALLY looks like.

      And you’re right! Transitioning is a long, arduous process. It’s much better when you have someone to journey with you. My transitioning partner was a coworker. We swapped techniques, product reviews & hair stories & constantly complimented each other’s curls. Do you know a neighbor/classmate/relative/friend who is natural or interested in transitioning?

      • I have a few friends who are looking to transition. It’s kind of tough for them because they have to want it for themself and not worry what others will think about their journey or what their hair looks like.

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