Fabulosity on a budget $$$

Ok yes I did make up a word but you get the picture LOL Let’s face it we all want to look our best but putting down a house payment to have the hottest bag is definitely not an option!

I’m here to spread the news, there is a solution for all of you fashionistas!!! I myself LOVE to shop and I love putting together different outifts. What I don’t like is having my cell phone shut off because I just HAD to have those new boots. Growing up if your family shopped at thrift stores or second hand shops you were considered poor. That is so not true! The best AUTHENTIC pieces of jewlery and even furniture can be found at thrift stores! Thrifting has become the new craze! YouTubers all over the country are vlogging about steals from their neighborhood thrift stores.  Some of the most popular NAME BRAND DESIGNERS can be found in thrift shops! Check it out for yourself!

I personally love it! In fact all the trends you see today were probably in style a few years back! If you dont know by now fashion ALWAYS repeats itself. Just don’t over do it! I don’t want my readers to end up on Hoarders!!!

Pace yourself!!! Look for special discount days, they may have women’s day, student discount, or specialty sales (coats, bedding,jewlery,etc.) A traditional yet classic black blazer can turn into instant glam with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a bold pair of pumps or flats! It’s not how much you paid for it but how you wear it! As always thanks for stopping by!

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Muah, T


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