So Not the Usual

You’re probably wondering what exactly does she mean by ‘so not the usual’. Read on and I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I mean!

                             (Left to Right; Lady Gaga,Rihanna,Ke$ha, Nikki Minaj)

Ok, ok, ok LOL I know what you’re probably thinking what the hell! Why does she have these women pictured? The ladies that you see above have one thing (well probably others) in common, they’re so not the usual! Let me further explain….I’m not advising you to go and dress like a crazed maniac, but rather take the same approach with life. Don’t be afraid to live outside of the box. Take chances and have fun! I tell myself all the time IT’S OK TO BE DIFFERENT! How boring would th world be if we all dressed and acted the same??? Ummm snore city!!!! Add a little spice to your life and see how much better you feel! Weather it’s a new bold lipstick or nail color…and even take it a step further and try a new  hair do! I know it may sound cliche but it definitely applies here. Live life with no regrets, TAKE CHANCES! Learn a new hobby, who knows you may discover a hidden talent. When I started LEOPARDKISSEZ it was my way of doing the not so usual and I’m so glad I did. So go ahead and be DIFFERENT— I dare ya!

Muah, T






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