To the ENDS and Back

The part of the hair that is most neglected are your ends! We always make sure those edges are nice and smooth and the roots are nice and straight. Butw what about those ends? The ends are the oldest part of the hair, and therefore require the most care. After all how do you think you maintain length? You make think it’s all a matter how much the hair grows, this is only the half truth! The hair is going to grow regardless, some faster or slower than others. Keeping the ends trimmed and moisturized will help you maintain growth. Trimming….mmmmm?

Trimming your hair is not that bad! I know some of you are thinking it took me all this time to see some growth, and now you want me to cut it off?? LOL If your hair is dry and split at the ends that will lead to more splitting up the hair shaft and you REALLY….don’t want that. So grab yourself a good pair of hair shears (see pic below). Use them only for your ends.

When I apply product I apply it to the ends and back. Daily I oil my ends with castor oil. I need something heavy because of my color. If you’re unsure of how to trim see the video tutorial by Naptual85 below. Some prefer to trim while hair is in twist (my method of choice).  Dusting is also a popular method with naturals. This is the process of VERY lightly snipping the ends not really a full blown trim. There is also the S&D method (search and destroy). Trimming single strand knots (SSKs) or split ends.

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One thought on “To the ENDS and Back

  1. I haven’t trimmed my hair for about 6 months now…i think i’m due for one, not sure lol. I really don’t like to cut, trim wateva with my hair bcuz i feel is slowing down my process of my hair growing…weird huh lol?

    The article was very informational

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