Bag it up!

Good Evening! I feel like I’ve been away FOREVER LOL There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on over the past week with work and school. But now I’m back with some material that hopefully you find interesting yet helpful!! Just a reminder don’t forget to send me your questions for Q&A Mondays or just a topic you would like to see on LEOPARDKISSEZ! I managed to post some new material on my FACEBOOK page as well!!!

Today’s topic is abot the BAGGY METHOD. For the newbie’s the baggy method is simply applying some sort of moisturizer to your ends (or whole head for some) and then placing a plastic bag or conditoning cap on your head or around your ponytail for the night or just a couple hours for those light sleepers and can’t stand the noise lol

Benefits: Baggying is supposed to promote growth because you are infusing more moisture, from the heat your body produces, to the ends of the hair, the most brittle part.

I have done the baggy method before using Hairveda’s Whipped Creme Ends Hydration (see pic below). This stuff is super thick (castor oil based) and can be used as a leave-in. Personally it was too thick for me as a leave-in but a GREAT moisturizer. Hairveda has some very resonable prices. The bottle you see below was $8.00 for 90z. The only thing I will say about the baggy method is be cautious how much product you use and how long you baggy. My hair actual came out OVER MOISTURIZED!! You’re probably thinking there’s no such thing lol Oh but there is!!

CurlyNikki did a post on the baggy method as well! Check it out…

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