Too Natural?!?

Is there a such thing as being too natural??? There are naturals out there that believe it to be true.

I understand there are “veteran” naturals out there that have done their research for many, many years. Truth of the matter is they know their stuff! Does this mean it’s ok to frown upon someone for the journey they choose to take with their own hair?!? It is ok to want to educate the newly naturals and OFFER some advice but to outright bash a person for using XYZ products is not cool. The natural hair community should be a fun and enpowering experience. The last thing ANYONE should do is judge the next! I would hate for anyone to feel excluded because they found out something works for their hair, but it’s not ok to other naturals. As a result you end up feeling you have to hide or seperate yourself  from discussion boards and/or forums.

I simply wanted to say that because I personally don’t use certain products/ingredients doesn’t mean you don’t have to. I have been natural for 2years now and I don’t have all the answers by far. I encourage you to do your OWN research and find out what works for your hair 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Too Natural?!?

  1. I actually feel very strongly about this and I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is beyond me how people will tell someone else that they’re allowed to do with their own body and hair…ridiculous. However, helpful suggestions and recommendations are always cool! lol

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