Benefits of PrePoo/Feature Friday/11-11-11

Happy Friday my luvs!!! Today is 11-11-11 how cool right?! What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be doing anything special to those beautiful tresses….plz feel free to share below!! Today I wanted to touch bases on a very important step in my regimen. (It was previously left out, but I’ve updated that post.) Also it’s Feature Friday!!!

Some of you may already know about Prepooing….but for those of you who don’t I will be happy to explain!! Through your journey one of the first things you may have learned that shampoo is bad,bBad, BAD!!!! LOL When actually it can be beneficial. There are naturals that experience buildup on the scalp and they HAVE to shampoo at least once a week. There are non-sulfate shampoos that claim to not strip the hair of the natural oils your hair needs. I still would recommend clarifying your hair at least once a month (always follow with a deep moisturizing treatment). I have came across some pretty decent shampoos.Hair Rules for example has the best that I’ve seen so far! Once I finish all my other poo’s that will most definitely be my staple shampoo (Availbe at Ulta and CurlMart). Anywho I’m rambling…when you do a prepoo it not only helps with the detaingling process but it helps alleviate the ‘stripped’ feeling afterwards. You could use just an oil or just a conditoner or a combination of both. Whatever works for you!

This week I wanted to feature Lady Raj Accessories. I chose her not only because she has really cute stuff but she’s from my hometown DETROIT! Always gotta show luv for your home right?! Prettydimples01 did a vlog on some of her earrings. She also has a Facebook page! So check her out! *Tell her Leopardkissez sent you 😉

Lady Raj on FACEBOOK >>>>>


I’m on Twitter @LeopardKissez


One thought on “Benefits of PrePoo/Feature Friday/11-11-11

  1. Good gracious! I sure am appreciative of the love Leopard Kissez. Thanks so much for the city shout out too. We gotta show love for the D 🙂 Hoping to do some new creations soon. Thanks again.

    Lady Raj

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