The Professional Natural



Good evening naturals! Just to update you on what’s going on…I was shocked yet thrilled to see such positive responses to my picture I submitted to for Show N Tell Fierce Fridays!! Nikki herself emailed me and asked (politely of course lol) would I like to submit more info about my products and usage!!! After rumaging through some old and new pics I finally came up with something and clicked send! I’ll let you know if and when she post my response :0)

I wanted to do a post for the naturals that work somewhere with a strict dress code. Personally I haven’t had to much of a problem, and I’ve worked pretty much everywhere! Recently I did have a supervisor tell me she thinks I would look “prettier” with straight hair. I don’t know if she had an issue with the way I wore my hair or if she was being nasty. Probably a little bit of both! So to my readers I want to know have you experienced any problems with your natural hair? How do you wear your hair at work? What about interviews? I would love to hear your responses.


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