Bang for your buck-Spending Wisely


Let’s face it women (and some men lol) love to shop!

I did a post on thrifting but what about hair products? I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get your money’s worth on hair products !!!

As most of us know the trial and error process can be a tricky and sometimes expensive one! But it doesn’t have to be.

  1. Read the ingredients– Most hair products on the market have pretty much the same ingredients. The first 5 on the list is what you should pay attention to. If coconut oil is at the top of the list and you’ve tried quite a bit of products and it didn’t work, you may want to look into trying something that doesn’t have any or as much. Also just because it says ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL doesn’t mean it is! READ,RESEARCH,REFLECT (lol)
  2. Add Oils-When you add your favorite oils to conditioners,shea butter mixes, and even water. You will be amazed how it will affect your hair. Want to stretch your favorite,yet expensive, deep conditioner? Add some oil!
  3. Water is your friend– You’re natural now! You don’t have to be afraid of a little high quality h2o! LOL Water is the best moisturizer out there!
  4. Look in the fridge– Need a protein treatment? Need a good deep conditioner? Honey,avocado,mayo, and egg (to name a few) are a few items that have MAJOR benefits for your hair, and it’s right in the fridge!
  5. Use what you have/Product Swap-I hate to throw out a product that I’ve spent good money on but doesn’t work!!! First look at WHY it didn’t work. Not enough slip? Not moisturizing enough? Add some honey,aloe vera juice, or some oils to give it a little extra humpf! Or plenty of natural hair forums/meet-ups always are swapping gently used products. Do you really need 10 conditioners?!!?? *side eye* LOL
  6. Double duty– Looking for the perfect leave-in conditioner? You may already have it! Let some of your staple products pull double duty! Try leaving in your favorite conditioner.
  7. Samples-There is no shame in emailing a company to ask if they offer FREE samples or sample sizes before commiting to full size and FULL PRICED products.
  8. Mix it up– If you have a good idea of what your hair likes, make your own products!
  9. Keep it simple– You don’t need tons of product on your head! Ever heard the phrase ‘Less is More’? Well it’s true! Keep a HAIR JOURNAL and start out small. The quicker you rule out what your hair doesn’t like the better off you will be later!
  10. PJA(Product Junkie Anonymous)-I am a pj! *hangs head in shame* but to a certain extent! A PJ get’s  such a high from simply walking down the hair aisle at the groccery store. First step is admitting you have a problem! Yes it can be fun to try new things but be aware of your budget!!!!


There is always a contest on forums,YouTube,Facebook….why not enter one??? Ok folks that about does it for today!! Shout out to my new subscribers!!! Whoop-whoop 🙂

Be blessed!



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