Oldie but goodie

Who said the old stuff mama used to put on our hair as little girls doesn’t work anymore??? There are some oldie but goodie products out there. What’s your favorite product from back in tha day?

Tonight while rebraiding my hair for a braidout, I decided to use water with EVOO to help refresh/moisturize my hair. When I wore my hair straight a couple years back EVOO was all I used. Since it’s getting cold here in Michigan (34degrees to be exact) heavier oils and butters are my friends!! I’ve always used castor oil because of the benefits for hair growth. But if I really think about it I never had a problem retaining length then….so I’m going to give EVOO a fair shot for awhile and see how my hair responds! As naturals we get so caught up in the ‘next best thing’ and we forget about the good stuff that worked!

I know some of you are thinking, but the ingredients are horrible! Don’t let yourself get so caught up on the perfect ingredient list that you miss out on what your hair needs! I hope this post was helpful for my new readers! Come back often, I’m trying to post new material on a regualr basis!



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