This post is a very personal one for me. I recently lost someone very dear to my heart that I’ve known all of my life. The idea had came across my mind a couple times, and today I felt this person spoke to my heart to really express how I feel. The woman I’m speaking of is my Godmother. She was such a strong and kind woman. She was the support system for many in her life. That’s just the type of person she was. A mother, sister, and friend…I want to put some emphasis on friend, because she was the best friend my mom could ever ask for. My question to my readers, do you have a friend that you can call on? Are you that support system for someone else? I have always felt so passionate about black women coming together so be a support system for one another. All you see in the media is black women tearing each other down and apart. Why? Why is there so much jealousy and hatred amongst the black community? I don’t understand why has it become a competition trying to out shine the next. It’s hard enough to be taken seriously, but then we have to fight amongst ourselves to get ahead….it’s sad. There is hatred between the “light skin” and the “dark skin”–we are all beautiful every shade of black is beautiful. We look at each other and say “oh look at her she think she’s this or that.” Why can’t we say “Oh look at her she doin the damn thing!” It is so important for us to be there for each other and be positive. When one of us come up, we all do. It’s hard to find a true friend out here. Women are so quick to judge you, before getting to know you. Most times when you meet someone new that have you labeled just by your appearance. Whether you have long wavy hair or short and kinky….slanted eyes…thick hips…full breast…glasses…whatever only the eye can see. That’s who you are. No one takes the time to talk and listen and learn. How many friendships have you missed out on, because you dismissed someone based on their looks. Or even how they act? A woman may be shy and looking for a friend, someone to reach out to her. But what do we see? “Oh she don’t talk to anybody she must be stuck up…what she can’t come eat with the common folk? ” Sound like anyone you know? I was there at some point, and still have this issue today. You never know what a woman has gone through that day…she may have lost a relative…she’s in a abusive relationship…whatever the case may be. Let’s attempt to get out of old habits and make new ones. I will admit there are some plain old mean women out here! Just angry at the world! Attitude for days! There are a lot of those too, I’m keeping it real! It’s not a lot of quiet Sally’s sitting in the corner reading a book looking for a friend…lol What I am saying is this. Tomorrow isn’t promised…whatever petty situations you’re harboring in your heart let it go! What a powerful force we could be if we all united and stood strong and embraced the gift of life–TOGETHER!

Thank you for reading,

Be blessed friends (Muah!)




One thought on “Sisterhood

  1. That was a great post!!! As hard as it may be to believe, I’m the shy chick that sits to the side quietly :-/. Sorry about your loss 😦

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