What is Protective Styling?

If you haven’t ‘Liked’ my Facebook page plz check it out! Usually I post more tidbits about my view on fashion. There are some post about natural hair too! Check it out when you get time :o) Anywhoooo I have put up some info about wearing hats to protect your hair during the cold months. Here and there I may mention protective styling….what exactly is your definition of protective styles?

There are some naturals that still rock a WnG during the cold months, but they feel as long as their ends are properly sealed it’s all good in tha hood! What’s your take on that?? Personally I’m kinda in between. I say this because I don’t literally wng anymore (as mentioned before) I will pineapple wrap over night to allow my hair to dry before going outside. This also helps with shrinkage, well at least for me. Did I mention I read somewhere that going outside with wet hair won’t give you a cold???!! :-/ The article was about different myths behind getting sick…anyway back to the subject lol

I really don’t like the idea of wearing my hair out especially when the snow hits, and it hits hard in Michigan! Others feel protective styling is properly sealing the ends IN ADDITION to tucking/hiding the ends of the hair; the most fragile part of the hair. What about wearing a weave or a wig? The natural nazi’s believe if you’re wearing a weave you’re not natural. Thoughts? Two strand twist, mini twist,bunning are some of the more popular PS’s. Lawd Jesus in heaven knows I wish I had the patience for mini twist…it just ain’t me honey! Heck even wearing a scarf is considered a PS! Your ends are covered right!

 Now that I’ve gottent the hang of the hairzing whatchamacallit (lol) I think protective styles will go a lot smoother! I’m always studying YT to find cute styles. What’s your favorite protective styles?



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