Kerry Washington – Style Icon

I have always been a huge fan of Kerry Washington, from her early days in the movie Save the Last Dance. Her neatly coiffed natural curls were to die for!!! Not only is she a talented actress, but she is always dressed to the nine! With her trademark coveted high cheekbones, her makeup is always flawless. Never a victim of a fashion disaster (at least in my book). Kerry is the epitome of class and elegance! That’s why I chose her as my Style Icon! With such effortless beauty, no wonder she’s one of Hollywood premiere celebs! listed her as the Top 40 Best Dressed of 2011, and best dressed of December 2011.She has countless recognition for her keen sense of style.  Not only is she a fashion vixen, but she is also an advocate for  Americans for the Arts along with other organizations. For latest updates and photos check out her website.!

From time to time I’ll feature my choice for Style Icon that represents the best fashion sense !




StyleWatch – Forties Glamour

The forties era was about the empowerment of women says Donna Karen via Vogue. Complete with furs, gloves, pearls, and shrugs forties glamour reigns supreme for the fall/winter season. This style represents standing strong without sacrificing your femininity. So grab your pencil skirts, fedoras, and bright red lipstick!

Dresses were form fitting in the waist with a plunging neckline. MaryJane leather high heels were a must beforing stepping out into public.

Trend Alert-Colored Denim-HowTo Wear Them

Fashion colored denim are popping up everywhere! DKNY, J.Crew, and Guess (too name a few) have classic colors to add that extra pop to your everyday wordrobe. Don’t be afraid of a little color. These styles can be fun and flirty, or classic and chic. From violets to edgy prints, there is something for everyone.

Afraid that your curves may not play well with bright colors or prints? Read ahead to see how I paired colored denim with easy everyday pieces.

Jeans by Guess

Scarf by F21

Oxfords by Shi

Fedora by F21

Slouchy Top by F21

It’s all about balance. Colored denim skinnys can be paired with pumps to flats. Cardigans or printed blouse all work great. If you’re bottom heavy, try a high heel and a bold top to take the attention away from your hips. Have a rounder mid section? Opt for pattern jeans or a flowy top to camflouge your tummy.  Try layers, like a black blazer for the bustier fashionista.  Short? High heels and a cute hat will give the illusion you’re ‘taller’.  Need more ideas??? Check out these celebs!


Favorite Things of 2011

We’re getting close to the end of the year. I wanted to share with you some of my favs from 2011!

Are you too “old” for hair accessories?

I love to wear my flowers and cute hair clips. Often I’ll come across women on natural hair forums or just walking down the street, and they say how they feel hair accessories make them look too “young”. Is there really an age limit on hair accessories? It’s a matter of what you’re wearing and how you wear it. If you want to jazz up a bun or a bantu knot out, opt for more subtle accessories. Try to avoid really bright and giant accessories that draw attention away from your hairstyle. Try not to overdo it, you want your hair jewlery to accentuate your style.

Flowers,headbands,and clips are ageless. A new trend are fashion scraves used as a heaband as seen by YouTuber Taren916.

Target is one of my favorite places to shop for hair accessories. If you don’t like what you see, why not make your own!

Pearl heabands or gold wire can add a classy or edgy look. Just make sure the accessory of your choice doesn’t have any harsh materials that can snag and damage your hair. Lately I’ve been using the UPZING by Scunci. Scunci has a lot of No-slip hair accessories that won’t snag or pull your hair.

Some of my favorite sites for hair accessories

Simple is always best in my book. Go ahead and try it!

Pics of some my styles

Product Review-Darcy’s Botanicals Tucoma Moisture Whip

I bought Darcy’s Botanicals Tucoma Moisture Whip waaaaaaayyy back when I first started my hair journey. I should’ve used it up long time ago, but I’m a product junky and I never finished a product completely before purchasing something else. That has definitely changed A LOT, I’m making progress ya’ll!! Anywho back to the review…

The moisture whip is a creamy butter that can be used on wet or dry hair. It also dubs as a body butter. But I didn’t like it for that. The consistency is thick, but distributes well. I didn’t care for the smell. Kinda reminds me of a artificial cake frosting, yet earthy. I used the whip on dry hair most of the time, because I didn’t have much success when used on wet/damp hair. There was no hold. But worked great on my ends when bunning. The jar was rather small (40z $12) I believe it’s only available at CurlMart. Glycerin is the second ingredient for those of you that shy away from glycerin in the colder months.

Would I recommend? Yes. Will I repurchase? No I’m trying to limit my online shopping to my absolute holiest of Holy Grails LOL The size was a turn off, but you actually don’t need much. I can be heavy handed at times. There aren’t too many reviews on this product. Darcy’s Botanicals has a large following, so I thought why not share my experience for those who were curious! I’m still a big fan of DB and she has great ingredients, great prices, and most importantly excellent customer service! Check out her site, she does offer samples upon request!