Skai Jackson from Disney Channel Jessie –Teen Natural

Being a mom of a 5 year old daughter I find myself watching Disney Channel or Nick. While watching one of Disney Channel’s shows, Jessie. A little girl caught my eye…

Little Miss Skai Jackson

I absolutely love seeing a natural cutie in one my daughter’s favorite shows. I think it’s important for little girls to see other  girls wearing their natural hair. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing the other shows where girls are wearing their hair relaxed/pressed. Buuuuuttt there are SOME girls who aren’t as accepting of natural hair, because it’s not what they see and doesn’t come across has “pretty”.

Skai has been in show business sense 9mths old! From tv shows to commercials. Skai is always rocking a cute twist out with the most adorable hair accessories of course! This girl has a LOT of hair! I would love to know how they maintain her beautiful tresses while on the set…

Tune in to the Disney Channel to catch this diva in Action!


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