Work it on out

How many of you can honestly say that you have stopped going to the gym because of your hair? Did the fear of sweating out a style keep you from a weekly workout regimen? Sadly I was one of those ppl that didn’t want to risk ruinng my new press n curl for a few minutes at the gym. Ay don’t judge me! Now that I’m natural I’m working it on out! Shame on me…

Why as black women  do we let our hair define us? Why are we scared to have a little kink here or there? God forbid that our roots get a little wavy…after all it’s just hair right?

I’m not alone. There are plenty of women that don’t work out on the regular because they don’t want to watch money go down the drain, because we all know salon trips are not cheap. As naturals we no longer run from the rain or the gym!! It’s funny how things we used to be afraid of no longer phase us 😉 Aaahhhh….the life of a natural


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3 thoughts on “Work it on out

  1. LOL. I tweeted about getting ready to work it out at the gym yesterday. If you’ve ever been to an LA Fitness and taken a Body Works plus Abs class, those are serious. But since I had mini twists in, I didn’t care about the sweat. If necessary, I knew I could just wash my mini twists. Protective styling is so functional for intense gym workouts. Go team natural!

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