Does dying your hair make you LESS natural???

We all know about the natural nazis. They criticize anybody that don’t abide by THEIR rules of what’s natural. One of these rules is if you color your hair. Either it’s a permanent or rinse. Personally LOVE color. It’s just about as addictive as tattoos. (So I’ve heard I don’t actually have a tattoo, yet lol) Does coloring make you less natural? There have been YouTube videos about this. Believe it or not it is possible to have healthy natural hair with color.

It all depends on your personal definition. I’ve never had a relaxer but I do consider myself natural. Some people believe just because you have ‘transitioned’ you’re not really natural. My hair isn’t naturally straight when it hits water, it curls and coils and kinks or whatever term you want to you use. I had to use a pressing comb or a flat iron in order to achieve the straight look. Curly is my NATURAL texture.

What about color you say? Yes I was born with black hair. Yes I color my hair. What about HENNA? Isn’t that a form of coloring? There is black hair dye. If you dye your hair black does that make it more natural? I’m not an expert with henna, but I have seen it PERMANENTLY change people’s hair. So does it make it better because it’s not as harsh?

What about roller setting? Or flexi rods? Or weaves? Or wigs? Come on people let’s be real!!! If I color my hair, it will be still be curly tomorrow, and the day after that and so on…my natural texture isn’t being altered. I know there will be some one that disagrees…but guess what? This is my blog dagnabit and I can say what I feel. I do welcome comments as always, there is nothing wrong with little healthy debate!! :0)





2 thoughts on “Does dying your hair make you LESS natural???

  1. No coloring your curls doesn’t make you less natural. I think highlights give curls more depth & definition. In fact I’m thinking about coloring mine today, LOL!

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