Product Review-Darcy’s Botanicals Tucoma Moisture Whip

I bought Darcy’s Botanicals Tucoma Moisture Whip waaaaaaayyy back when I first started my hair journey. I should’ve used it up long time ago, but I’m a product junky and I never finished a product completely before purchasing something else. That has definitely changed A LOT, I’m making progress ya’ll!! Anywho back to the review…

The moisture whip is a creamy butter that can be used on wet or dry hair. It also dubs as a body butter. But I didn’t like it for that. The consistency is thick, but distributes well. I didn’t care for the smell. Kinda reminds me of a artificial cake frosting, yet earthy. I used the whip on dry hair most of the time, because I didn’t have much success when used on wet/damp hair. There was no hold. But worked great on my ends when bunning. The jar was rather small (40z $12) I believe it’s only available at CurlMart. Glycerin is the second ingredient for those of you that shy away from glycerin in the colder months.

Would I recommend? Yes. Will I repurchase? No I’m trying to limit my online shopping to my absolute holiest of Holy Grails LOL The size was a turn off, but you actually don’t need much. I can be heavy handed at times. There aren’t too many reviews on this product. Darcy’s Botanicals has a large following, so I thought why not share my experience for those who were curious! I’m still a big fan of DB and she has great ingredients, great prices, and most importantly excellent customer service! Check out her site, she does offer samples upon request!



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