Are you too “old” for hair accessories?

I love to wear my flowers and cute hair clips. Often I’ll come across women on natural hair forums or just walking down the street, and they say how they feel hair accessories make them look too “young”. Is there really an age limit on hair accessories? It’s a matter of what you’re wearing and how you wear it. If you want to jazz up a bun or a bantu knot out, opt for more subtle accessories. Try to avoid really bright and giant accessories that draw attention away from your hairstyle. Try not to overdo it, you want your hair jewlery to accentuate your style.

Flowers,headbands,and clips are ageless. A new trend are fashion scraves used as a heaband as seen by YouTuber Taren916.

Target is one of my favorite places to shop for hair accessories. If you don’t like what you see, why not make your own!

Pearl heabands or gold wire can add a classy or edgy look. Just make sure the accessory of your choice doesn’t have any harsh materials that can snag and damage your hair. Lately I’ve been using the UPZING by Scunci. Scunci has a lot of No-slip hair accessories that won’t snag or pull your hair.

Some of my favorite sites for hair accessories

Simple is always best in my book. Go ahead and try it!

Pics of some my styles


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