HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! / Hair Talk

I haven’t OFFICIALLY said Happy New Year to all my readers, shame on me! Well Happy New Year Ladies and Gents!!!! We have made it to another year! Whoo-hoo! New Years Resolutions anyone???

Since it’s the start of a new year it’s time for a length check! So stay tuned for pics and my new regimen. I like to update my products on a monthly basis. That gives me ample amount of time to trial new products to judge if it’s winner-winner chicken dinner lol I may finish a product and need to rotate in something else. So stayed tuned for that as well.

I have some new followers here and on Twitter! yaaaay me!!! Thanks so much for the support!!! I also linkd up with other Detroit Fashion Bloggers >>>>>check the button in the sidebar! So that’s pretty cool 🙂 Check out the website for other great bloggers!

Ok folks that about does it. I’m excited for new things happening here at LeopardKissez!!!



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