Hair Talk-Length Check



It’s a New Year and I really need to start documenting my progress. Of course I want to share it with all of you 🙂 We family right? lol So after Idid measurements on stretched hair, I decided to look through one of my hair journals. And lookey lookey….I see some growth! About 3-4in since June of last year. I’m not sure about the science of how much hair grows on average per month. But some progress is better than none right?! Since I decided to keep the color (attempted to grow it out) I want to pay CLOSER attention to the state of my hair. I’ve made a few changes…

  1.  Drinking more water (8×8 rule)
  2. Daily multi vitamin
  3. Workout 3-4x a week
  4. More protein treatments (light and heavy as needed)
  5. Daily scalp massages (with oil)
  6. Protective Styling (still working on this one *wink*)

I’ll post the products I’m using for the month of January in another page. The regimen is pretty much the same.

Here are my current measurements:

  • Back Layer:15in
  • Sides: 15in
  • Crown: 15in
  • Bangs: 12in

I did do a trim at the end of December, kind of a fresh start. Before I would just ‘dust’ my ends. But with the color I felt I needed to take off more, my ends were….ROUGH. Now they feel much much better.

On curlynikki I did a bunning challenge (June2011) and these were my beginning measurements:

  • Back Layer: 13in
  • Sides: 11in
  • Crown: 14in
  • Bangs: 11in











Freshly washed hair, no product


2 thoughts on “Hair Talk-Length Check

  1. Girl you hair is super long! With no product at that and I love it in it’s natural state:) I have never done a length check, may have to do that this weekend when I wash. DO you just use a regular ruler? You’ve grown quite a bit! Your regimen sounds good, maybe I will try and follow in your footsteps:)

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