Mission: Keep it Sexy 2012

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (you’re crazy lol jk) I tweeted about how I recently joined  myfitnesspal. I discovered this site through some friends on CurlyNikki.com The thread is about weight loss for 2012. This was right on time for me! I had already made plans to slim down and tone it up. So now with this really cool site (available at the app store), I can keep track of my calorie and water intake while on the go. It’s really great, because you can link up with other friends and family. We all know how weight loss is easier when you have a support system.

I didn’t want to think of it as a DIET more so has getting fit. When you hear the words diet, that sounds like blah blah blah bland food blah blah no sweets blah blah miserable! With the food diary you can monitor what you eat and how many calories you have to spare. So instead of “dieting” it’s about making smarter choices.

Personally when I feel I’m being deprived of what I love the most, it makes it 10x harder to stick with it. The app let’s you choose what you want. You put in your exercise for the day. The more calories you burn the more calories you’re allowed to eat! Can you say #winning!! My username is nerdycurlyqt. Hope to see you there!

Mission Keep it Sexy 2012 has begun! ;o)


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