Ketchup Mustard!

Hello ladies and gents! I have been neglecting my blog and my readers…shame-shame on me! But the good news is I’m back! There is so much for me to catch you up on! I met the wonderful ladies of FashDet!!! Erika and Inez (the creators of FashDet) are so pleasant and I had a blast checking out all the great Vintage Boutiques in Royal Oak. The other bloggers were very friendly as well! The positive energy from this group was phenomenal! Stay tuned for a recap of Saturday’s Thrift Crawl! Meanwhile check out the photos here. I’m so excited to show you guys the great pieces I got!!

In other news I have an interview with another Detroiter (Detroit is making moves out here!) His name is Edgar Powell. Founder of I Love My Life Clothing. I don’t want to give away too much info just yet! Stay tuned for that as well!

Your’s truly will be turning the BIG 2-7 on Feb.7 Yes, yes I’m approaching 3-0 *awkward silence* lol I plan to celebrate this Saturday, Feb.4 at Black Finn of Royal Oak. I would love to see you there so we can party like rock stars!!  What will I be wearing??? You’ll have to wait for that one too 😉 As always thanks for stopping by!




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