The new miracle oil? Benefits of Apricot Oil

I know what you’re thinking….not another oil!! LOL If you are a part of the natural hair community, you probably have your fair share of oils already. Some of the more popular oils are; extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO), and jojoba oil. There are MANY more, not to mention essential oils. If you aren’t to familiar with essential oils check out this article.

Get to the apricot oil whudya!” Ok ok! 🙂

Recently I’ve decided to ‘simplify’ my hair care regimen (more info to come) as much as possible. While on this journey I came across Apricot Oil. My original intentions were to purchase a big bottle of sweet almond oil and use nothing else but that. Then I saw this bottle on the shelf at my local health food store.


 I read the label 100% moisturizing oil–treat dry hair. Hmmmmmm…….and the price was right too! Retailing at less than $7 for 16 oz I say it was worth a shot. Since then I have consistently used this oil to seal my hair. I can honestly say I have noticed softer more manageable hair, and not to mention the shine! Could this be my new ‘miracle oil’?? Here are some of the benefits of Apricot Oil that I found on the web.

“Heated apricot oil has been has been long used as a hair treatment to restore shine and lost nutrients to dry or damaged hair. Essential fatty acids help restore softness to hair. Simply mix a few drops into shampoo, or rub a few drops between your palms then through hair.” (Quote provided by

“Rich in essential  fatty acids like oleic and linoleic, apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A. Since it easily penetrates the skin, it is good for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin. The excellent softening and moisturizing properties is great for face, hands, and hair.” (Quote provided by

I have yet to use this oil for my face or body. The oil is very light in texture similar to jojoba oil. But moisturizing like EVOO, and provides sheen like EVCO. Darcy’s Botanicals also sells this oil with a light fragrance on her website here.

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*This product can be found at your local health food store or


Randomness at it’s best: Hair Talk

Happy Thursday!!!!

Before we get into Hair Talk….for my Twitter followers, earlier today I tweeted asking for input on what kind of accessories to wear with my birthday dress. The color is iridescent and most thought black would be best. Hmmmm…that was too boring and typical. After venturing from store to store I finally chose GOLD!!! My mom suggested silver, but although I value mommy dearest opinion…I stuck with my decision. 🙂 When I have to dress for a special occasion (or just for any outfit) I visualize in my head the look I want to go for. For some reason gold just felt right! No worries I’ll post pics 😉

Ok a little bit ago I was moisturizing and sealing my hair to rebraid for the night (did a braidout 2 days prior).  Check out Nina Pruitt 6 Plait Braid Out Part 1 and Part 2. I find her technique is  the best because I prefer full hair over super defined hair. She also put me up on Silk Elements Silken Child Moisturizing Creme. (Have I mentioned this stuff before? *shrugs*)  That stuff is the BOMB!! It smells soooooooo good and it’s cheap! Ingredients are awesome and the price is even better. I highly recommend it. But anyway back on track. LOL While rebraiding my honey was showering so the bathroom began to get steamy from the door being shut. I started to notice the steam from the shower was making my hair feel really nice!! Prior to rebraiding I spritzed my hair (lightly) and heavily saturated my ends with my h2o and oil mix Oils used: castor, grapeseed, vit.E, and amla light I was thinking hmmmm…I wonder is that how my hair WOULD feel if I used the Huetiful Hair Steamer??? The wonder machine retails for a whopping 114 buckaroos!






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Do you own a Huetiful? Did you notice changes after the first use? Was it worth the money? I would love to hear your thoughts!


What is Protective Styling?

If you haven’t ‘Liked’ my Facebook page plz check it out! Usually I post more tidbits about my view on fashion. There are some post about natural hair too! Check it out when you get time :o) Anywhoooo I have put up some info about wearing hats to protect your hair during the cold months. Here and there I may mention protective styling….what exactly is your definition of protective styles?

There are some naturals that still rock a WnG during the cold months, but they feel as long as their ends are properly sealed it’s all good in tha hood! What’s your take on that?? Personally I’m kinda in between. I say this because I don’t literally wng anymore (as mentioned before) I will pineapple wrap over night to allow my hair to dry before going outside. This also helps with shrinkage, well at least for me. Did I mention I read somewhere that going outside with wet hair won’t give you a cold???!! :-/ The article was about different myths behind getting sick…anyway back to the subject lol

I really don’t like the idea of wearing my hair out especially when the snow hits, and it hits hard in Michigan! Others feel protective styling is properly sealing the ends IN ADDITION to tucking/hiding the ends of the hair; the most fragile part of the hair. What about wearing a weave or a wig? The natural nazi’s believe if you’re wearing a weave you’re not natural. Thoughts? Two strand twist, mini twist,bunning are some of the more popular PS’s. Lawd Jesus in heaven knows I wish I had the patience for mini twist…it just ain’t me honey! Heck even wearing a scarf is considered a PS! Your ends are covered right!

 Now that I’ve gottent the hang of the hairzing whatchamacallit (lol) I think protective styles will go a lot smoother! I’m always studying YT to find cute styles. What’s your favorite protective styles?


Oldie but goodie

Who said the old stuff mama used to put on our hair as little girls doesn’t work anymore??? There are some oldie but goodie products out there. What’s your favorite product from back in tha day?

Tonight while rebraiding my hair for a braidout, I decided to use water with EVOO to help refresh/moisturize my hair. When I wore my hair straight a couple years back EVOO was all I used. Since it’s getting cold here in Michigan (34degrees to be exact) heavier oils and butters are my friends!! I’ve always used castor oil because of the benefits for hair growth. But if I really think about it I never had a problem retaining length then….so I’m going to give EVOO a fair shot for awhile and see how my hair responds! As naturals we get so caught up in the ‘next best thing’ and we forget about the good stuff that worked!

I know some of you are thinking, but the ingredients are horrible! Don’t let yourself get so caught up on the perfect ingredient list that you miss out on what your hair needs! I hope this post was helpful for my new readers! Come back often, I’m trying to post new material on a regualr basis!


Bang for your buck-Spending Wisely


Let’s face it women (and some men lol) love to shop!

I did a post on thrifting but what about hair products? I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get your money’s worth on hair products !!!

As most of us know the trial and error process can be a tricky and sometimes expensive one! But it doesn’t have to be.

  1. Read the ingredients– Most hair products on the market have pretty much the same ingredients. The first 5 on the list is what you should pay attention to. If coconut oil is at the top of the list and you’ve tried quite a bit of products and it didn’t work, you may want to look into trying something that doesn’t have any or as much. Also just because it says ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL doesn’t mean it is! READ,RESEARCH,REFLECT (lol)
  2. Add Oils-When you add your favorite oils to conditioners,shea butter mixes, and even water. You will be amazed how it will affect your hair. Want to stretch your favorite,yet expensive, deep conditioner? Add some oil!
  3. Water is your friend– You’re natural now! You don’t have to be afraid of a little high quality h2o! LOL Water is the best moisturizer out there!
  4. Look in the fridge– Need a protein treatment? Need a good deep conditioner? Honey,avocado,mayo, and egg (to name a few) are a few items that have MAJOR benefits for your hair, and it’s right in the fridge!
  5. Use what you have/Product Swap-I hate to throw out a product that I’ve spent good money on but doesn’t work!!! First look at WHY it didn’t work. Not enough slip? Not moisturizing enough? Add some honey,aloe vera juice, or some oils to give it a little extra humpf! Or plenty of natural hair forums/meet-ups always are swapping gently used products. Do you really need 10 conditioners?!!?? *side eye* LOL
  6. Double duty– Looking for the perfect leave-in conditioner? You may already have it! Let some of your staple products pull double duty! Try leaving in your favorite conditioner.
  7. Samples-There is no shame in emailing a company to ask if they offer FREE samples or sample sizes before commiting to full size and FULL PRICED products.
  8. Mix it up– If you have a good idea of what your hair likes, make your own products!
  9. Keep it simple– You don’t need tons of product on your head! Ever heard the phrase ‘Less is More’? Well it’s true! Keep a HAIR JOURNAL and start out small. The quicker you rule out what your hair doesn’t like the better off you will be later!
  10. PJA(Product Junkie Anonymous)-I am a pj! *hangs head in shame* but to a certain extent! A PJ get’s  such a high from simply walking down the hair aisle at the groccery store. First step is admitting you have a problem! Yes it can be fun to try new things but be aware of your budget!!!!


There is always a contest on forums,YouTube,Facebook….why not enter one??? Ok folks that about does it for today!! Shout out to my new subscribers!!! Whoop-whoop 🙂

Be blessed!


Benefits of PrePoo/Feature Friday/11-11-11

Happy Friday my luvs!!! Today is 11-11-11 how cool right?! What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be doing anything special to those beautiful tresses….plz feel free to share below!! Today I wanted to touch bases on a very important step in my regimen. (It was previously left out, but I’ve updated that post.) Also it’s Feature Friday!!!

Some of you may already know about Prepooing….but for those of you who don’t I will be happy to explain!! Through your journey one of the first things you may have learned that shampoo is bad,bBad, BAD!!!! LOL When actually it can be beneficial. There are naturals that experience buildup on the scalp and they HAVE to shampoo at least once a week. There are non-sulfate shampoos that claim to not strip the hair of the natural oils your hair needs. I still would recommend clarifying your hair at least once a month (always follow with a deep moisturizing treatment). I have came across some pretty decent shampoos.Hair Rules for example has the best that I’ve seen so far! Once I finish all my other poo’s that will most definitely be my staple shampoo (Availbe at Ulta and CurlMart). Anywho I’m rambling…when you do a prepoo it not only helps with the detaingling process but it helps alleviate the ‘stripped’ feeling afterwards. You could use just an oil or just a conditoner or a combination of both. Whatever works for you!

This week I wanted to feature Lady Raj Accessories. I chose her not only because she has really cute stuff but she’s from my hometown DETROIT! Always gotta show luv for your home right?! Prettydimples01 did a vlog on some of her earrings. She also has a Facebook page! So check her out! *Tell her Leopardkissez sent you 😉

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I’m on Twitter @LeopardKissez

Bag it up!

Good Evening! I feel like I’ve been away FOREVER LOL There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on over the past week with work and school. But now I’m back with some material that hopefully you find interesting yet helpful!! Just a reminder don’t forget to send me your questions for Q&A Mondays or just a topic you would like to see on LEOPARDKISSEZ! I managed to post some new material on my FACEBOOK page as well!!!

Today’s topic is abot the BAGGY METHOD. For the newbie’s the baggy method is simply applying some sort of moisturizer to your ends (or whole head for some) and then placing a plastic bag or conditoning cap on your head or around your ponytail for the night or just a couple hours for those light sleepers and can’t stand the noise lol

Benefits: Baggying is supposed to promote growth because you are infusing more moisture, from the heat your body produces, to the ends of the hair, the most brittle part.

I have done the baggy method before using Hairveda’s Whipped Creme Ends Hydration (see pic below). This stuff is super thick (castor oil based) and can be used as a leave-in. Personally it was too thick for me as a leave-in but a GREAT moisturizer. Hairveda has some very resonable prices. The bottle you see below was $8.00 for 90z. The only thing I will say about the baggy method is be cautious how much product you use and how long you baggy. My hair actual came out OVER MOISTURIZED!! You’re probably thinking there’s no such thing lol Oh but there is!!

CurlyNikki did a post on the baggy method as well! Check it out…

As always thanks for stopping by!!!