Does dying your hair make you LESS natural???

We all know about the natural nazis. They criticize anybody that don’t abide by THEIR rules of what’s natural. One of these rules is if you color your hair. Either it’s a permanent or rinse. Personally LOVE color. It’s just about as addictive as tattoos. (So I’ve heard I don’t actually have a tattoo, yet lol) Does coloring make you less natural? There have been YouTube videos about this. Believe it or not it is possible to have healthy natural hair with color.

It all depends on your personal definition. I’ve never had a relaxer but I do consider myself natural. Some people believe just because you have ‘transitioned’ you’re not really natural. My hair isn’t naturally straight when it hits water, it curls and coils and kinks or whatever term you want to you use. I had to use a pressing comb or a flat iron in order to achieve the straight look. Curly is my NATURAL texture.

What about color you say? Yes I was born with black hair. Yes I color my hair. What about HENNA? Isn’t that a form of coloring? There is black hair dye. If you dye your hair black does that make it more natural? I’m not an expert with henna, but I have seen it PERMANENTLY change people’s hair. So does it make it better because it’s not as harsh?

What about roller setting? Or flexi rods? Or weaves? Or wigs? Come on people let’s be real!!! If I color my hair, it will be still be curly tomorrow, and the day after that and so on…my natural texture isn’t being altered. I know there will be some one that disagrees…but guess what? This is my blog dagnabit and I can say what I feel. I do welcome comments as always, there is nothing wrong with little healthy debate!! :0)





Feature Friday/Product Review

It’s OFFICIALLY the weekend!!!! Yes!! We have survived yet another work/school week. 🙂 Whew! I’m so happy I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping out of the way already, now it’s just little misc things like stocking stuffers…have you finished your shopping? Or are you one of those people that wait to the last minute looking for the best sales? I don’t understand ppl who get a kick out of being out shopping with the masses…mmm not me! I need to focus when I shop lol If you’re looking for a reason to buy something for yourself I have a product review for ya! Yaaay!!!

This week product review is from the Curls for Target line. The passion fruit control paste.

I give this product 4 out 5 stars. The ingredients are good. The price is ok, wish it came in a larger size. The smell is nice. The only beef I had with this gel is it didn’t distribute well through my hair :-/ Most times I had to smooth the gel with a brush (which I don’t like doing too often), my other gels I can just use my fingers. Other than that and the size, the product works those edges just like it says it will. The consistency is like JAM! if you’re familiar with that LOl. I already have my Staple gels. So I won’t be repurchasing. You can find this product ONLY at target. IT’S A SEPERATE LINE THAN THE ORIGINAL CURLS.

This week I wanted to feature another YouTuber. MissLBailey She has great info about makeup,hair, and fashion! Check her out 🙂

Ok my loves, be safe–be fabulous!


Bang for your buck-Spending Wisely


Let’s face it women (and some men lol) love to shop!

I did a post on thrifting but what about hair products? I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get your money’s worth on hair products !!!

As most of us know the trial and error process can be a tricky and sometimes expensive one! But it doesn’t have to be.

  1. Read the ingredients– Most hair products on the market have pretty much the same ingredients. The first 5 on the list is what you should pay attention to. If coconut oil is at the top of the list and you’ve tried quite a bit of products and it didn’t work, you may want to look into trying something that doesn’t have any or as much. Also just because it says ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL doesn’t mean it is! READ,RESEARCH,REFLECT (lol)
  2. Add Oils-When you add your favorite oils to conditioners,shea butter mixes, and even water. You will be amazed how it will affect your hair. Want to stretch your favorite,yet expensive, deep conditioner? Add some oil!
  3. Water is your friend– You’re natural now! You don’t have to be afraid of a little high quality h2o! LOL Water is the best moisturizer out there!
  4. Look in the fridge– Need a protein treatment? Need a good deep conditioner? Honey,avocado,mayo, and egg (to name a few) are a few items that have MAJOR benefits for your hair, and it’s right in the fridge!
  5. Use what you have/Product Swap-I hate to throw out a product that I’ve spent good money on but doesn’t work!!! First look at WHY it didn’t work. Not enough slip? Not moisturizing enough? Add some honey,aloe vera juice, or some oils to give it a little extra humpf! Or plenty of natural hair forums/meet-ups always are swapping gently used products. Do you really need 10 conditioners?!!?? *side eye* LOL
  6. Double duty– Looking for the perfect leave-in conditioner? You may already have it! Let some of your staple products pull double duty! Try leaving in your favorite conditioner.
  7. Samples-There is no shame in emailing a company to ask if they offer FREE samples or sample sizes before commiting to full size and FULL PRICED products.
  8. Mix it up– If you have a good idea of what your hair likes, make your own products!
  9. Keep it simple– You don’t need tons of product on your head! Ever heard the phrase ‘Less is More’? Well it’s true! Keep a HAIR JOURNAL and start out small. The quicker you rule out what your hair doesn’t like the better off you will be later!
  10. PJA(Product Junkie Anonymous)-I am a pj! *hangs head in shame* but to a certain extent! A PJ get’s  such a high from simply walking down the hair aisle at the groccery store. First step is admitting you have a problem! Yes it can be fun to try new things but be aware of your budget!!!!


There is always a contest on forums,YouTube,Facebook….why not enter one??? Ok folks that about does it for today!! Shout out to my new subscribers!!! Whoop-whoop 🙂

Be blessed!


The Professional Natural



Good evening naturals! Just to update you on what’s going on…I was shocked yet thrilled to see such positive responses to my picture I submitted to for Show N Tell Fierce Fridays!! Nikki herself emailed me and asked (politely of course lol) would I like to submit more info about my products and usage!!! After rumaging through some old and new pics I finally came up with something and clicked send! I’ll let you know if and when she post my response :0)

I wanted to do a post for the naturals that work somewhere with a strict dress code. Personally I haven’t had to much of a problem, and I’ve worked pretty much everywhere! Recently I did have a supervisor tell me she thinks I would look “prettier” with straight hair. I don’t know if she had an issue with the way I wore my hair or if she was being nasty. Probably a little bit of both! So to my readers I want to know have you experienced any problems with your natural hair? How do you wear your hair at work? What about interviews? I would love to hear your responses.

Benefits of PrePoo/Feature Friday/11-11-11

Happy Friday my luvs!!! Today is 11-11-11 how cool right?! What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be doing anything special to those beautiful tresses….plz feel free to share below!! Today I wanted to touch bases on a very important step in my regimen. (It was previously left out, but I’ve updated that post.) Also it’s Feature Friday!!!

Some of you may already know about Prepooing….but for those of you who don’t I will be happy to explain!! Through your journey one of the first things you may have learned that shampoo is bad,bBad, BAD!!!! LOL When actually it can be beneficial. There are naturals that experience buildup on the scalp and they HAVE to shampoo at least once a week. There are non-sulfate shampoos that claim to not strip the hair of the natural oils your hair needs. I still would recommend clarifying your hair at least once a month (always follow with a deep moisturizing treatment). I have came across some pretty decent shampoos.Hair Rules for example has the best that I’ve seen so far! Once I finish all my other poo’s that will most definitely be my staple shampoo (Availbe at Ulta and CurlMart). Anywho I’m rambling…when you do a prepoo it not only helps with the detaingling process but it helps alleviate the ‘stripped’ feeling afterwards. You could use just an oil or just a conditoner or a combination of both. Whatever works for you!

This week I wanted to feature Lady Raj Accessories. I chose her not only because she has really cute stuff but she’s from my hometown DETROIT! Always gotta show luv for your home right?! Prettydimples01 did a vlog on some of her earrings. She also has a Facebook page! So check her out! *Tell her Leopardkissez sent you 😉

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Too Natural?!?

Is there a such thing as being too natural??? There are naturals out there that believe it to be true.

I understand there are “veteran” naturals out there that have done their research for many, many years. Truth of the matter is they know their stuff! Does this mean it’s ok to frown upon someone for the journey they choose to take with their own hair?!? It is ok to want to educate the newly naturals and OFFER some advice but to outright bash a person for using XYZ products is not cool. The natural hair community should be a fun and enpowering experience. The last thing ANYONE should do is judge the next! I would hate for anyone to feel excluded because they found out something works for their hair, but it’s not ok to other naturals. As a result you end up feeling you have to hide or seperate yourself  from discussion boards and/or forums.

I simply wanted to say that because I personally don’t use certain products/ingredients doesn’t mean you don’t have to. I have been natural for 2years now and I don’t have all the answers by far. I encourage you to do your OWN research and find out what works for your hair 🙂


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So Not the Usual

You’re probably wondering what exactly does she mean by ‘so not the usual’. Read on and I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I mean!

                             (Left to Right; Lady Gaga,Rihanna,Ke$ha, Nikki Minaj)

Ok, ok, ok LOL I know what you’re probably thinking what the hell! Why does she have these women pictured? The ladies that you see above have one thing (well probably others) in common, they’re so not the usual! Let me further explain….I’m not advising you to go and dress like a crazed maniac, but rather take the same approach with life. Don’t be afraid to live outside of the box. Take chances and have fun! I tell myself all the time IT’S OK TO BE DIFFERENT! How boring would th world be if we all dressed and acted the same??? Ummm snore city!!!! Add a little spice to your life and see how much better you feel! Weather it’s a new bold lipstick or nail color…and even take it a step further and try a new  hair do! I know it may sound cliche but it definitely applies here. Live life with no regrets, TAKE CHANCES! Learn a new hobby, who knows you may discover a hidden talent. When I started LEOPARDKISSEZ it was my way of doing the not so usual and I’m so glad I did. So go ahead and be DIFFERENT— I dare ya!

Muah, T