Well it’s not my birthday OFFICIALLY but I did have a blast this weekend in the great city of Royal Oak!! We had dinner at Black Finn and headed over to Wild Woodys.The weather was AWESOME. Winter+ Feb.+Detroit= Horrible! I can not remember one birthday when it DIDN’T snow. I really enjoyed myself…you’re probably wondering what did I wear right? Well wait no further…..

The dress (I recieved NUMEROUS compliments) was from Avon! Yes I said Avon lol I’ve had it for awhile but was waiting for the right occasion. I apologize for the bathroom pics :/ I was in a rush *shrugs* LOL Enjoy!


Accessories: Earrings and necklace were thrifted. Belt from Dots (?) and bangles JCP.

Boots : Worthington(Jcpenny)

Coat: Worthington (JCPenny)

Clutch: Payless

Back seamed pantyhose (Sears)


  • Foundation: Loreal True Match
  • Loose Powder: CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral (love)
  • Eyes: E.L.F.  eye palette
  • Lipstick: NYC mixed sheer red and blossom together
  • Mascara: NYC
  • Eye Liner: Bonnebell

Nails: China Glaze in Liquid Leather

Smell Goods: DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

My hair was simple. Wet bunned with Flawless Curls conditioner as my leave-in. As I Am Naturally Smoothing Gel to slick down the sides. I think that just about covers everything ! 🙂



Thrift Crawl with FashDet: Recap!!!

Ok I apologize for being tardy for the party, I’m just now posting the recap for the  Thrift Crawl with FashDet this past Saturday! I was so looking forward to this! Everyone met at Caribou Coffee of Royal Oak. I was able to sip a tasty smoothie and chat with the founders of FashDet before the rest of the guest arrived. I would like to say Inez and Erika are the sweetest ladies you could ever meet! I felt like I’ve known them forever!


Shortly after, a few more guest arrived. We all snapped pics and tweeted about the excitement of thrifting! First stop was Paris Antiques. There I purchased a really cool owl necklace. Afterwards we shimmied next door to the Salvation Army. They had some nice things there. I got a skirt by J.Crew. Then we fought the wind, it was vicious, and headed to Chocolate Shop Vintage. This is where the madness begins! Most items were marked $5. I purchased a sweater,dress,and blouse! Last on the roster was Lost and Found Vintage. Their collection was awesome! I got an 80’s peplum dress from here.


I had a blast, and I’m looking forward to more meetups! Below you’ll find a list of all the attendees and their blogs. Pics can be found >>>here<<< on my facebook page!  

Ketchup Mustard!

Hello ladies and gents! I have been neglecting my blog and my readers…shame-shame on me! But the good news is I’m back! There is so much for me to catch you up on! I met the wonderful ladies of FashDet!!! Erika and Inez (the creators of FashDet) are so pleasant and I had a blast checking out all the great Vintage Boutiques in Royal Oak. The other bloggers were very friendly as well! The positive energy from this group was phenomenal! Stay tuned for a recap of Saturday’s Thrift Crawl! Meanwhile check out the photos here. I’m so excited to show you guys the great pieces I got!!

In other news I have an interview with another Detroiter (Detroit is making moves out here!) His name is Edgar Powell. Founder of I Love My Life Clothing. I don’t want to give away too much info just yet! Stay tuned for that as well!

Your’s truly will be turning the BIG 2-7 on Feb.7 Yes, yes I’m approaching 3-0 *awkward silence* lol I plan to celebrate this Saturday, Feb.4 at Black Finn of Royal Oak. I would love to see you there so we can party like rock stars!!  What will I be wearing??? You’ll have to wait for that one too 😉 As always thanks for stopping by!



Mission: Keep it Sexy 2012

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (you’re crazy lol jk) I tweeted about how I recently joined  myfitnesspal. I discovered this site through some friends on CurlyNikki.com The thread is about weight loss for 2012. This was right on time for me! I had already made plans to slim down and tone it up. So now with this really cool site (available at the app store), I can keep track of my calorie and water intake while on the go. It’s really great, because you can link up with other friends and family. We all know how weight loss is easier when you have a support system.

I didn’t want to think of it as a DIET more so has getting fit. When you hear the words diet, that sounds like blah blah blah bland food blah blah no sweets blah blah miserable! With the food diary you can monitor what you eat and how many calories you have to spare. So instead of “dieting” it’s about making smarter choices.

Personally when I feel I’m being deprived of what I love the most, it makes it 10x harder to stick with it. The app let’s you choose what you want. You put in your exercise for the day. The more calories you burn the more calories you’re allowed to eat! Can you say #winning!! My username is nerdycurlyqt. Hope to see you there!

Mission Keep it Sexy 2012 has begun! ;o)

Are you living a “Natural” lifestyle?

As naturals we make the mistake of trying to fix our hair from the OUTSIDE. But in fact it starts on the inside. Americans often complain how it’s more expensive to eat healthy. But have you taken a look at how you’ve spent your money since you began your journey? Products galore, right?

The best hair butter on the market won’t matter if you’re not eating a well balanced diet and drinking LOTS of water. Let’s not forget staying active! So becoming natural isn’t just about what you do on the outside. You have to take care of you first! Then that’s when you will see how your entire body will thank you in the long run.

Trying to get to BSL by June? What have you done to help your hair grow? Oils and scalp massages can only get you so far. Eating right and getting the rest our bodies need will lead to not only healthy skin,hair,and nails but a better you!

So for the new year, let’s not make a regimen JUST for our hair. Make a regimen to live a healthy and happy life! Cheers to staying Fabulous! 😉 *two snaps*

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! / Hair Talk

I haven’t OFFICIALLY said Happy New Year to all my readers, shame on me! Well Happy New Year Ladies and Gents!!!! We have made it to another year! Whoo-hoo! New Years Resolutions anyone???

Since it’s the start of a new year it’s time for a length check! So stay tuned for pics and my new regimen. I like to update my products on a monthly basis. That gives me ample amount of time to trial new products to judge if it’s winner-winner chicken dinner lol I may finish a product and need to rotate in something else. So stayed tuned for that as well.

I have some new followers here and on Twitter! yaaaay me!!! Thanks so much for the support!!! I also linkd up with other Detroit Fashion Bloggers >>>>>check the button in the sidebar! So that’s pretty cool 🙂 Check out the website for other great bloggers!

Ok folks that about does it. I’m excited for new things happening here at LeopardKissez!!!


Work it on out

How many of you can honestly say that you have stopped going to the gym because of your hair? Did the fear of sweating out a style keep you from a weekly workout regimen? Sadly I was one of those ppl that didn’t want to risk ruinng my new press n curl for a few minutes at the gym. Ay don’t judge me! Now that I’m natural I’m working it on out! Shame on me…

Why as black women  do we let our hair define us? Why are we scared to have a little kink here or there? God forbid that our roots get a little wavy…after all it’s just hair right?

I’m not alone. There are plenty of women that don’t work out on the regular because they don’t want to watch money go down the drain, because we all know salon trips are not cheap. As naturals we no longer run from the rain or the gym!! It’s funny how things we used to be afraid of no longer phase us 😉 Aaahhhh….the life of a natural


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