Q & A Monday–Happy Halloween

Happy Monday!! Technically the day is just about over but that’s neither here nor there lol I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and got lots of goodies!!

It’s that time again! The question for the day was a good one! I had planned to give a little more info about my journey. Now I can kill two birds with one stone! Here’s how….

Q.  Why did you become natural?

A. To be honest there was no real reason I decided to wear my natural texture. I’ll admit I have never had a relaxer but that doesn’t make my journey any greater or less than the next natural. It all started for me in my senior year in high school. I would wear the curly pony tail because trying to keep my hair pressed in the summer was a hassle. I sweat in my head a lot. When I wore my hair straight I despised those wavy roots or “nappy” edges and would break out the hot comb in between salon visits which were every two weeks totalling $40-45 per visit. I liked how my hair looked when curly I just didn’t know how to keep it that way. Meaning I thought my hair had to be dripping wet to maintain a curl pattern. My neck would be greasy and my clothes and car headrest were soaked as well. JAM was my holy grail back then lmao That stuff was the truth this was before I knew any better. Fast forward a couple years brings me to 2009-2010ish is when I stumbled across cantu leave-in via a worker (the only black person in an asian beauty suppyly). I started to use that and my hair was ok. But it was when I found naturallycurly.com  it was a whole new world! I read the forums like I was studying for a midterm!!! After SOME reserach I finally placed my first order from CurlMart!!!! All my naturals know getting a package in the mail is like CHRISTMAS!!! The excitement I experienced then is nothing compared to now (PJ) LOL I got my first jar of KCCC and KCKT and Spiral Solutions Curl Keeper and the infamous book ……….

LOL Then I ended up on curlynikki.com My HoMe!!! Shout out to my curly diva’s on the curly nikki forums!!! LOL I will say that my journey is far from over I am still learning my hair. I do have color and I may straighten it no more than 3x a year. There is no one natural the same and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Q & A Monday

Happy Monday!!! This thing called blogging is coming right along! I welcome all new visitors, don’t forget to subscribe. I will be updating daily (schedule permitting) with new info! I think setting aside a specific day for Q & A will be fitting for those of you who value my opinion! I’m flattered that you have decided to come to me!!! So let’s get started!

Q.How does one discover their curl pattern? I’ve tried natural but it was a half-hearted effort and I gave into the hair crack. I haven’t had a relaxer since June and I want to try different things with my hair. However, my time to experiment with styles and products is limited and, knowing the natural products can be a bit pricey, my budget isn’t too flexible to purchase a variety of test products. I see a lady wear natural styles every Wednesday and I just want to ask , how did you get your hair like that. As I’ve heard, that may not be the proper way to ask. How would you approach someone in my situation? I really want to be natural and let it all hang out but I need help and encouragement. Spread the word share the beauty. My stylist is 1300 miles away and these one around here aren’t use to the hair that I know. What is the Natural process and how does one begin??

A. Let me start of by saying welcome! And I’m thrilled you’ve decided to embrace your beautiful nature texture!!!! Go you!! LOL Ok let’s get down to business…..in order to discover your natural curl pattern it will take time as you TRANSITION from your relaxer. It will take time if you do not BIG CHOP or BC. Learning how to manage the two different textures of your hair will not be an easy feat but it doesn’t have to drain your pockets either! Being natural should be a fun and liberating experience, not an expensive one! There are tons of DIY reciepes available through the wonderful world of World Wide Web. You can start by looking in your very own cupards! Egg, mayo, yogurt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)…just to name a few! Protective styles will be your best friend as you grow out those relaxed ends. Your true curl pattern will not come through until you are 100% natural my dear 🙂 If your schedule permits cruise on through YouTube there are tons of transitioners that can help you through your journey. If you are unfamiliar with the natural-lingo (lol yes we have our own language lol) protective styles include braidouts, twistouts, braids, twists, etc. You can still be flyy while stretching your relaxer honey! Finding out your regimen is going to take time as you learn your hair. Relaxed hair and natural hair are DIFFERENT no if’s and’s or but’s about it! So one product that might work for your hair has you transition may not work once you have grown out ALL of the relaxer. Check out health food stores….get yourself the basics. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE!!!!

Keeping those lovely strands of yours hydrated will be your best friend!!! So my friends grap the shea butter, coconut oil, and some evoo and enjoy this journey!!!


All names will be kept confidential. Q & A will be held every Monday. I’m looking forward to reading your questions!

Muah, T