Randomness at it’s best: Hair Talk

Happy Thursday!!!!

Before we get into Hair Talk….for my Twitter followers, earlier today I tweeted asking for input on what kind of accessories to wear with my birthday dress. The color is iridescent and most thought black would be best. Hmmmm…that was too boring and typical. After venturing from store to store I finally chose GOLD!!! My mom suggested silver, but although I value mommy dearest opinion…I stuck with my decision. 🙂 When I have to dress for a special occasion (or just for any outfit) I visualize in my head the look I want to go for. For some reason gold just felt right! No worries I’ll post pics 😉

Ok a little bit ago I was moisturizing and sealing my hair to rebraid for the night (did a braidout 2 days prior).  Check out Nina Pruitt 6 Plait Braid Out Part 1 and Part 2. I find her technique is  the best because I prefer full hair over super defined hair. She also put me up on Silk Elements Silken Child Moisturizing Creme. (Have I mentioned this stuff before? *shrugs*)  That stuff is the BOMB!! It smells soooooooo good and it’s cheap! Ingredients are awesome and the price is even better. I highly recommend it. But anyway back on track. LOL While rebraiding my honey was showering so the bathroom began to get steamy from the door being shut. I started to notice the steam from the shower was making my hair feel really nice!! Prior to rebraiding I spritzed my hair (lightly) and heavily saturated my ends with my h2o and oil mix Oils used: castor, grapeseed, vit.E, and amla light I was thinking hmmmm…I wonder is that how my hair WOULD feel if I used the Huetiful Hair Steamer??? The wonder machine retails for a whopping 114 buckaroos!






Photos courtesy of BeHuetiful.com


Do you own a Huetiful? Did you notice changes after the first use? Was it worth the money? I would love to hear your thoughts!



Soho Makeup Brushes *First Impression* and French Twist Updo

Happy MLK Day!

I’ve used a couple of the Soho Brushes from Walmart twice already. So far I can tell a major difference between them and the E.L.F. brushes I purchased from Target. I’m not knocking E.L.F. it’s a great starter brush/eye palette for beginners like myself. I used the eyeshadow brush,smudger, and foundation brush. First the Soho brushes are noticelably softer. I used the same eye primer by E.L.F. but for some reason the color POPPED a lot more! I forgot to take pics from both days. But I do have some.  I think the Soho brushes picked up the pigment better and the entire look came together even more with the smudge brush. Foundation by L’oreal True Match, mascara by NYC. What ya think?

I’ve been wanting to try CurlyNikki’s look, the french twist. I used a banana clip and bobby pins to achieve the “twist” and the scarf from Dollar Tree.

Are you living a “Natural” lifestyle?

As naturals we make the mistake of trying to fix our hair from the OUTSIDE. But in fact it starts on the inside. Americans often complain how it’s more expensive to eat healthy. But have you taken a look at how you’ve spent your money since you began your journey? Products galore, right?

The best hair butter on the market won’t matter if you’re not eating a well balanced diet and drinking LOTS of water. Let’s not forget staying active! So becoming natural isn’t just about what you do on the outside. You have to take care of you first! Then that’s when you will see how your entire body will thank you in the long run.

Trying to get to BSL by June? What have you done to help your hair grow? Oils and scalp massages can only get you so far. Eating right and getting the rest our bodies need will lead to not only healthy skin,hair,and nails but a better you!

So for the new year, let’s not make a regimen JUST for our hair. Make a regimen to live a healthy and happy life! Cheers to staying Fabulous! 😉 *two snaps*

Feature Friday/Product Review

It’s OFFICIALLY the weekend!!!! Yes!! We have survived yet another work/school week. 🙂 Whew! I’m so happy I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping out of the way already, now it’s just little misc things like stocking stuffers…have you finished your shopping? Or are you one of those people that wait to the last minute looking for the best sales? I don’t understand ppl who get a kick out of being out shopping with the masses…mmm not me! I need to focus when I shop lol If you’re looking for a reason to buy something for yourself I have a product review for ya! Yaaay!!!

This week product review is from the Curls for Target line. The passion fruit control paste.

I give this product 4 out 5 stars. The ingredients are good. The price is ok, wish it came in a larger size. The smell is nice. The only beef I had with this gel is it didn’t distribute well through my hair :-/ Most times I had to smooth the gel with a brush (which I don’t like doing too often), my other gels I can just use my fingers. Other than that and the size, the product works those edges just like it says it will. The consistency is like JAM! if you’re familiar with that LOl. I already have my Staple gels. So I won’t be repurchasing. You can find this product ONLY at target. IT’S A SEPERATE LINE THAN THE ORIGINAL CURLS.

This week I wanted to feature another YouTuber. MissLBailey She has great info about makeup,hair, and fashion! Check her out 🙂

Ok my loves, be safe–be fabulous!


What is Protective Styling?

If you haven’t ‘Liked’ my Facebook page plz check it out! Usually I post more tidbits about my view on fashion. There are some post about natural hair too! Check it out when you get time :o) Anywhoooo I have put up some info about wearing hats to protect your hair during the cold months. Here and there I may mention protective styling….what exactly is your definition of protective styles?

There are some naturals that still rock a WnG during the cold months, but they feel as long as their ends are properly sealed it’s all good in tha hood! What’s your take on that?? Personally I’m kinda in between. I say this because I don’t literally wng anymore (as mentioned before) I will pineapple wrap over night to allow my hair to dry before going outside. This also helps with shrinkage, well at least for me. Did I mention I read somewhere that going outside with wet hair won’t give you a cold???!! :-/ The article was about different myths behind getting sick…anyway back to the subject lol

I really don’t like the idea of wearing my hair out especially when the snow hits, and it hits hard in Michigan! Others feel protective styling is properly sealing the ends IN ADDITION to tucking/hiding the ends of the hair; the most fragile part of the hair. What about wearing a weave or a wig? The natural nazi’s believe if you’re wearing a weave you’re not natural. Thoughts? Two strand twist, mini twist,bunning are some of the more popular PS’s. Lawd Jesus in heaven knows I wish I had the patience for mini twist…it just ain’t me honey! Heck even wearing a scarf is considered a PS! Your ends are covered right!

 Now that I’ve gottent the hang of the hairzing whatchamacallit (lol) I think protective styles will go a lot smoother! I’m always studying YT to find cute styles. What’s your favorite protective styles?


Product Review-Hairveda Vatika Frosting

Hey curlies! I wanted to do a quick review of two products. Hairveda’s Vatika Frosting and Gold N Hot  Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment. I’m just about done with the VF maybe one or two applications left. The dryer attachment I used only once for my first flexi rod set.

The vatika frosting is basically coconut oil infused with ayurvedic herbs (as the jar clearly states). Don’t order this and look for a new miracle oil. Folks I’m keeping it funky here! It’s coconut oil LOL no way around it. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s a bad product BUT I want my readers to know what they’re getting into….if you love EVCO you will more than likely enjoy VF. The smell is sooooo darngood!! Everytime I smell this stuff I want to stick my tongue in the jar! (dont judge me). It’s like vanilla cake frosting,sugary goodness 🙂 Anyway back to the review…..when the package FINALLY came in the mail (not the best shipping time btw) I was so pumped!! I order a few other products from Hairveda. Here’s the lowdown…

Price $10.99 8oz.

Ingredients: Pure unrefined coconut oil, amla extract,henna extract, argentinian lemon extract, and fragrance.

Will I repurchase? No

The next product or should I say hair tool, is my blow dryer bonnet attachment. There isn’t too much to say about this. It did what it was supposed to. The downside is that it was hard for all my flexi rods to fit under the bonnet. The hot air did circulate nicely. It’s convenient for those who have limited space or travel a lot. It can also be used for conditioning. I purchased mine from Sally Beauty Supply. I definitely would recommend this product.

Price $11.69 (Beauty club price $10.49)



Oldie but goodie

Who said the old stuff mama used to put on our hair as little girls doesn’t work anymore??? There are some oldie but goodie products out there. What’s your favorite product from back in tha day?

Tonight while rebraiding my hair for a braidout, I decided to use water with EVOO to help refresh/moisturize my hair. When I wore my hair straight a couple years back EVOO was all I used. Since it’s getting cold here in Michigan (34degrees to be exact) heavier oils and butters are my friends!! I’ve always used castor oil because of the benefits for hair growth. But if I really think about it I never had a problem retaining length then….so I’m going to give EVOO a fair shot for awhile and see how my hair responds! As naturals we get so caught up in the ‘next best thing’ and we forget about the good stuff that worked!

I know some of you are thinking, but the ingredients are horrible! Don’t let yourself get so caught up on the perfect ingredient list that you miss out on what your hair needs! I hope this post was helpful for my new readers! Come back often, I’m trying to post new material on a regualr basis!