Mini Dollar Store Haul *Pics*

Happy Friday! If you haven’t noticed it’s Friday the 13th….I don’t really believe that sort of thing. What about you? Do you consider yourself to be superstitious?? It seems like if you believe you’ll have bad luck, that’s when stuff happens. Just my opinion…

Anywho…I love the dollar store. I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s also a death trap! You go in there for a few items and leave spending $20 :-/ Yea that sorta kinda happened to me today.

I was reading Hairscapades blog. Check her out >>>here<<<  she did a mini dollar store haul of some cute hair scarves she found. Here’s a picture of what I picked up today from Dollar Tree.


The brushes are by Soho Beauty,these I got from Walmart, the set was $12. I’m looking forward to using these they feel really soft. The kit came with four brushes: highlighter,foundation,eyeshadow, and smudge. The leopard print case is what caught my eye. Once I got home I looked at the website, apparently the brushes are new to the product line and they  specialize in makeup cases. Also in the picture there’s a nail art pen, moisture gloves and socks, and the leopard *wink* scarf. The nail pen has a nice point to it for those of you who aren’t as creative like myself lol it’s reminds me of a marker. I wanted the gloves because my cuticles have been really dry and cracking lately. I’m hoping that it will go away since I’ve been drinking more water. I use lotion daily, but I’ll try massaging jojoba oil into my cuticles and wearing the gloves at night. Same thing for my feet, I’ll apply a heavy moisture cream before bed. I plan to order some cocoa butter from butters-n-bars if I can’t find it locally first.

Right now I’m still not sure about the wonder curl pudding. It’s hit or miss. Tonight I’m doing the baggy method. Nothing fancy smancy here just a regular grocery bag.

For some reason when I did my length check post one picture whouldn’t load so here it is again…


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Hair Talk-Length Check



It’s a New Year and I really need to start documenting my progress. Of course I want to share it with all of you 🙂 We family right? lol So after Idid measurements on stretched hair, I decided to look through one of my hair journals. And lookey lookey….I see some growth! About 3-4in since June of last year. I’m not sure about the science of how much hair grows on average per month. But some progress is better than none right?! Since I decided to keep the color (attempted to grow it out) I want to pay CLOSER attention to the state of my hair. I’ve made a few changes…

  1.  Drinking more water (8×8 rule)
  2. Daily multi vitamin
  3. Workout 3-4x a week
  4. More protein treatments (light and heavy as needed)
  5. Daily scalp massages (with oil)
  6. Protective Styling (still working on this one *wink*)

I’ll post the products I’m using for the month of January in another page. The regimen is pretty much the same.

Here are my current measurements:

  • Back Layer:15in
  • Sides: 15in
  • Crown: 15in
  • Bangs: 12in

I did do a trim at the end of December, kind of a fresh start. Before I would just ‘dust’ my ends. But with the color I felt I needed to take off more, my ends were….ROUGH. Now they feel much much better.

On curlynikki I did a bunning challenge (June2011) and these were my beginning measurements:

  • Back Layer: 13in
  • Sides: 11in
  • Crown: 14in
  • Bangs: 11in











Freshly washed hair, no product