The new miracle oil? Benefits of Apricot Oil

I know what you’re thinking….not another oil!! LOL If you are a part of the natural hair community, you probably have your fair share of oils already. Some of the more popular oils are; extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO), and jojoba oil. There are MANY more, not to mention essential oils. If you aren’t to familiar with essential oils check out this article.

Get to the apricot oil whudya!” Ok ok! ūüôā

Recently I’ve decided to ‘simplify’ my hair care regimen (more info to come) as much as possible. While on this journey I came across Apricot Oil. My original intentions were to purchase a big bottle of sweet almond oil and use nothing else but that. Then I saw¬†this¬†bottle on the shelf at my local health food store.


¬†I read the label 100% moisturizing oil–treat dry hair. Hmmmmmm…….and the price was right too! Retailing at less than $7 for 16 oz I say it was worth a shot. Since then I have consistently used this oil to seal my hair. I can honestly say I have noticed softer more manageable hair, and not to mention the shine! Could this be my new ‘miracle oil’?? Here are some of the benefits of Apricot Oil that I found on the web.

“Heated apricot oil has been has been long used as a hair treatment to restore shine and lost nutrients to dry or damaged hair. Essential fatty acids help restore softness to hair. Simply mix a few drops into shampoo, or rub a few drops between your palms then through hair.” (Quote provided by

“Rich in essential ¬†fatty acids like oleic and linoleic, apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A. Since it easily penetrates the skin, it is good for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin. The excellent softening and moisturizing properties is great for face, hands, and hair.” (Quote provided by

I have yet to use this oil for my face or body. The oil is very light in texture similar to jojoba oil. But moisturizing like EVOO, and provides sheen like EVCO. Darcy’s Botanicals also sells this oil with a light fragrance¬†on her website here.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

*This product can be found at your local health food store or


Natural Kids: Wash Day/Detangling–Make it easier for her and you!

Mommy nooooooo!!!!!! *chases child around room with comb*

Does this setting sound familiar to you? As a kid with a lot of hair, my mom (and aunts) were often overwhelmed with my hard to manage hair. Tired arms and tears where the norm. Well those days are no more with simple practices that can make washing her precious curls a breeze!

These are the tools you will need


Grab some toys, coloring books, and movies they will help keep your little princess occupied. Snacks are great too! TAKE BREAKS if she begins to get antsy let her stretch and grab a drink of water. You want this experience to run as smoothly as possible.

Finger detangling is your best friend!! Spraying a conditioner mix (w/plain H2O)¬†will help “melt” those tangles and knots.¬†The conditioner I used (pictured above) is a cheap conditioner by VO5 ¬†I found at Meijer. You can use whatever you have on hand.


1. Saturate hair with conditioner mix.

2.  Section hair in workable sections and secure with hair clips

3. Working one section at a time. Begin separating any tangles or knots with ONLY your fingers.

4.¬†GENTLY comb out any further tangles with a shower comb or paddle brush. If you run into a ‘trouble’ area STOP combing and work out the tangle with your fingers and proceed with the comb.

5. Braid (I find that these stay together better than twist) the detangled section.

6. Continue until entire head is detangled.

I found a great YouTube channel GirlsLoveYourCurls that has some great ino and styles for your little curly! Check out her Facebook page too here.


Well it’s not my birthday OFFICIALLY but I did have a blast this weekend in the great city of Royal Oak!! We had dinner at Black Finn and headed over to Wild Woodys.The weather was AWESOME. Winter+ Feb.+Detroit= Horrible! I can not remember one birthday when it DIDN’T snow. I really enjoyed myself…you’re probably wondering what did I wear right? Well wait no further…..

The dress (I recieved NUMEROUS compliments) was from Avon! Yes I said Avon lol I’ve had it for awhile but was waiting for the right occasion. I apologize for the bathroom pics :/ I was in a rush *shrugs* LOL Enjoy!


Accessories: Earrings and necklace were thrifted. Belt from Dots (?) and bangles JCP.

Boots : Worthington(Jcpenny)

Coat: Worthington (JCPenny)

Clutch: Payless

Back seamed pantyhose (Sears)


  • Foundation: Loreal True Match
  • Loose Powder: CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral (love)
  • Eyes: E.L.F.¬† eye palette
  • Lipstick: NYC mixed sheer red and blossom together
  • Mascara: NYC
  • Eye Liner: Bonnebell

Nails: China Glaze in Liquid Leather

Smell Goods: DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

My hair was simple. Wet bunned with Flawless Curls conditioner as my leave-in. As I Am Naturally Smoothing Gel to slick down the sides. I think that just about covers everything ! ūüôā


Day in the Life of a Natural

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!!! I know I did….lots of Halloween fun filled activities!!!! Yes I am a kid at heart LOL Anywho it’s a new work week time to get down to business. The cooler months are upon us so that means protective styling–we at least for some of us! How are you wearing your hair this fall/winter? Wigs? Twist? Braids? Straightened? I would love to hear some of your ideas for preserving moisture and keeping those ends protected! I’m thinking of doing roller sets and wearing ¬†mooch (yes I named my hair lol, don’t judge me) stretched. Ok I’m getting off topic LOL You’re probably wondering why would she post about the day in the life of a natural. My fellow natural brothas and sistahs may understand why………

The natural community may consider natural hair a ‘fad’. However, one must observe closer. Natural hair goes deeper than wearing your¬†precious locs¬†in an afro or banging twist out. It’s about accepting how God made you. The media has brainwashed us to believe that in order to be considered beautiful women must have lighter skin and long flowing hair. This is not true, beauty comes in all shapes and colors. Black is beautiful wether you have carmel or mocha skin.

?????????????So why is that when I come across another sistah they ask if I’m mixed???????????

As if it’s uncommon for a African American woman to have a curl pattern. This may not seem that big of a deal to you. It drives me insane!!!

I try to educate women that I meet that everyone has a curl patter. It may not be the same as mine, but trust me it’s definitely there! Everyone has a hair journey (I’ll share mine with you in a future post). It takes a everyone a different amount of time to discover what works for them. Patience is key….learn to embrace your individuality because no one natural is the same. We are all here to help each other–this should be a rewarding process!!! There is no such thing as ‘good hair’, if its healthy it’s good PERIOD!!! We are not defined by our hair or skin tone. Till next time….

Muah, T

India.Arie-I Am Not My Hair



Will we ever be satisfied??!!??

Hey hey! This is my first OFFICIAL product review!!!! I will be discussing not only As I Am Naturally DoubleButter Creme but a question popular amongst the natural hair community. “Will we ever be satisfied?” So what exactly is As I Am Naturally? I discovered this product through¬†. This product is¬†available at and

This stuff is the truth!!! The ingredients are PHENOMENAL . I used this as a sealant/moisturizer 3 days ago. Yes ladies and gents THREE DAYS AGO¬†and my hair is still soft! I’m¬†telling you check out her site, you wont be sorry! I’m putting my leopardkiss stamp of approval on this product! There are others that I loved but I’ll just be reviewing this one today. Follow this line on Facebook and/or Twitter. She announced that October 31, 2011¬†she will no longer be providing the sample pack which I purchased. I believe I just paid¬†shipping. You definitely can’t go wrong with this deal. This brings me back to my question. Will we as naturals ever be satisfied? I have found myself looking for the next best thing when I have tons of products that work just fine for me. I guess I’m looking for that WOW¬†factor in my products. Well folks I have definitely found what I was looking for in this product!!!! Yay!!! Thanks for stopping by–don’t¬†forget to subscribe! Muah, T

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